Neon Flash Spirea Plant Review

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Does the Neon Flash Spirea plant fit in with the look you’re going for?. The Neon Flash Spirea or Spirea Neon Flash (Spirea japonica ‘Neon Flash’) is one of the many Spirea plants available today. As it’s taxonomy name suggests, it is indigenous to Japan. The Flash Spirea gets it’s name from the “flashy” bright red neon colored flowers that sit upon a mass of green leaves. This eye-catching shrub will not go unnoticed during the blooming period.

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Our homes are the source of a great deal of pride for most folks, and it’s important that our homes are well-kept and well-designed. How our homes look isn’t limited to the actual home itself. With the popularity in recent years of such channels like HGTV, there is more and more focus on the landscaping aspect of our homes, so it’s important to choose plants that work with the landscape plan we are working with.

This Spirea is a deciduous shrub, meaning it loses its leaves in the winter. But don’t worry, they will return the following spring, with bright blooming flowers to follow soon after. You can expect blooming to occur from late Spring until Fall. Your location will determine how late into Fall blooming will continue. Warmer climates will enjoy a longer blooming period and cooler climates will experience a shorter period. The plant is suitable for climate hardiness zones 4 through 9.

This plant is considered a fast growing shrub, and on average grows to about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide at maturity, so keep this in mind when planning your layout. If you find the plant is too big for the location you’ve chosen, it’s not a problem. It can be pruned as needed, preferably in the Fall when flowering is complete.
Although there are better options, it can work as a specimen plant, but it is important to deadhead the plant as needed to tidy up the plant and to encourage flower growth. Without this extra step, it tends to look a bit underwhelming as a specimen plant.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Neon Flash Spirea is pretty simple. It’s important to maintain a regular watering schedule during the first year to make sure it develops a deep root system. This will help it survive the harsh conditions that are typical during the Summer months. After the first year, watering once per week should be enough.

To maximize your plant’s performance, feed it with a slow-release, all purpose fertilizer in the Spring. This will result in a healthier, fuller plant that is a more prolific bloomer. Fertilizing isn’t required however, and your plant will survive fine without it.

Lastly, if you prefer the neat, manicured look, consider pruning your plant in the Fall into the shape you desire. Make sure to wait until after the flowering period has ended, otherwise you will remove the buds that produce the flowers. It won’t harm the plant, it just means you’ll get fewer flowers, and, depending on the timing, no flowers until the following Spring.

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